Ellen DeGeneres fan builds own fake show

A Polish YouTuber has spent three years making an exact replica of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, to fulfil his dream of being a guest on the programme.

Lukas Jakobiak then went even further, hiring an entire crew and filming with an Ellen lookalike.

He did this hoping to get the star's attention and has started #LucasOnEllen.

The video of the project has had more than one million views since going online.

If you squint and stand about 20 metres back from your screen, you could almost think you were watching the real thing.

During the "show", he chats about meeting Lady Gaga and Anastacia and there's a slightly creepy moment where he shares a photo of himself posing next to a wax model of the talk-show host.

The Ellen DeGeneres lookalike is Beata Skokowska. She's not an actress but was found after Lucas published posts on social media looking for someone.

It took a year to find Beata but he said: "I know I went for broke but it was worth it."

He says the real Ellen is "the most courageous person in the world" and hopes he will meet her now that his project is finished.

"If I really want something I work hard for it and this time was no different".

Lukas hasn't revealed how much the project cost or whether or not he funded it but - but he frequently mentions his love for Ellen on Instagram and Facebook.

"I look up to Ellen because she has courage. That's why I chose her. I've been called a genius and a creep."

And it's fair to say the project has not been praised by everyone, with over 47,000 thumbs down on his video.

Lukas is not put down by the thousands of negative comments As far as we know, the real Ellen has yet to get in touch.