New Caledonia records 1441 Covid cases

New Caledonia has recorded another 1,441 Covid-19 cases in the past 72-hour reporting period.

After another rise in the incidence of the virus last week, the numbers are again on a decline, but there are still about 11,000 active cases.

The number of hospitalised Covid-19 patients is unchanged at 43, of whom six are in intensive care.

Since September, when the Delta variant first hit the territory, more than 45,000 people contracted the virus and 287 died.

Since last Tuesday, the health pass, which is needed to access a range of venues, is only valid for people who have received the booster shot.

However, because some people had not been able to get their booster shot in time, the French High Commission has granted those affected a grace period until 2 March.

The restriction on the size of meetings to 30 people and the mask mandates remain in force until Sunday.