Nauru remains coronavirus free as latest results of 23 tests return negative

A total of 23 people have returned negative test results for Covid-19 after completing mandatory quarantine at isolation sites in Nauru.

In his latest update on the coronavirus situation, President Lionel Aingimea said 23 people quarantined at the Anibare village were tested last week, all returned negative results and were released on Thursday, 20 August.

New arrivals include 29 Canstruct staff staying at the Anibare village while nine other passengers are residing at the Budapest Hotel for the duration of their quarantine time.

Everyone that leaves quarantine are advised that if they feel unwell, to self-isolate and call 191.

President Aingimea said yesterday (Tuesday) that Nauru remains free of coronavirus but global cases continue to rise.

On 24 August, the World Health Organisation recorded 23,311,719 (23.3 million) confirmed cases and 806,410 deaths in 216 countries, areas or territories.

In the region, the trend varies among the neighbouring countries with Australia appearing to have contained the spread of the virus however in the State of Victoria it’s reported that the state government is unlikely to lift its level four restrictions any time soon.

While New Zealand is doing well in containing and controlling the spread of the virus from the last confirmed cases, PNG recorded 361 cases in 10 provinces.

Fiji has not recorded any new cases in the last week and the Marshall Islands has commenced repatriation of its citizens from Honolulu using Kwajalein Atoll as a quarantine site.

Flights and ships continue their weekly and monthly schedules to and from Nauru.

Cargo freighter flights routinely operate every Fridays and Saturdays to bring in food and medical supplies.

The cargo ship Capitaine Quiros arrived 24 August and its crew tested on board for Covid-19 before cargo is off loaded.

The government has received an advisory from the U.S of a fuel ship suspected to have originated from China and cautioned against allowing it to dock.

The advisory was sent to all Pacific countries.

Nauru Ports confirms it has not been in communication with the vessel or aware of its current whereabouts.