Tuna stakeholders looking for balance in the Pacific

The Pacific Islands Tuna Industry Association is calling for a balance to be struck between industry partners and fisheries managers and regulators in the region.

Stakeholders from all over the world are in Fiji this week to talk about the challenges facing the Pacific Tuna Industry.

The Chief Executive of the Pacific Tuna Industry Association, Tima Tepou says having all stakeholders at the same table has resulted in frank discussions on what different parties want for the future of the industry.

"Being a bit more efficient and being a bit more conscious of what science is saying and hopefully in that manner we can work towards balancing, providing for the demand, continuing to supply and maintaining the economic benefits to people who are fishing. But also addressing conservation at the same time."

The 5th Pacific Tuna Forum is one of several bi-annual conferences organised world wide by InfoFish and will feed into the Global Tuna Forum next year in Bangkok.