Is singer Ed Sheeran married?

Just "Thinking Out Loud" here, but some Ed Sheeran fans may want to pause a moment.

The British singer has been spotted with a ring on his wedding finger and there's been some consternation among his admirers.

Sheeran has mostly stayed off the pop-culture radar in recent months.

But a few weeks ago fans spotted him smooching girlfriend Cherry Seaborn in the background of a Taylor Swift Instagram photo from her July 4th celebration.

Above them hung a sign which read, "Happy 1st Ed-Iver-Cherry!"

More recently the Grammy winner appeared in a friend's photo with what looked to some as a wedding ring.

Many wondered: Is he engaged, or even secretly married? Naturally, the Internet freaked out.

But hold on. Sharp-eyed observers point out that the pop star has worn the ring before.

As for Sheeran, he's not talking. Back in December he posted a note saying he was taking a break from social media and would see fans in the autumn.