Several Pacific countries warned of drought threat

​Climate experts say there is likely to be continuing water stress in several Pacific countries over the next three months.

New Zealand's NIWA organisation, with the Pacific Islands Meteorological Services and other weather bodies in the region, say both Fiji and Tonga had had below or well below normal rainfall in the past four months and that is likely to continue at below normal into November.

In Fiji the current dry weather condition is expected to continue till November and we may have more tropical cyclones developing in our region from December onwards.

Nadi Weather Office Director, Ravin Kumar says people living in the West, North and smaller islands of the Eastern division should be prepared for the coming months as the dry season will continue for now.

Niue and the Marquesas can expect near normal conditions over the next 3 months after significant water issues since April.

Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu which both experienced below normal rain conditions in July are being warned this is likely to continue for the next 3 months.