Rugby Kids GIR Session

Girls and boys are being encouraged to attend a Rugby Kids GIR Session tomorrow, (Saturday) September 17 at Linkbelt Oval from about 3pm to 6pm.

The session is for U12, U9 & U6 Boys & Girls - all are welcome to come and join in.

No previous experience is needed.
These sessions are about introducing rugby to the children and for them to simply run around, be active and have fun.

We have been running these introductory sessions over the last 2 months at Linkbelt Oval and tomorrow will be the last of this type of session.

Next week we will be encouraging community and district groups to organise their own GIR training sessions to prepare their kids for another GIR Festival which will be held on Saturday, September 24.

We have had 2 GIR Festivals earlier during the year and the kids love them. The GIR Festivals are essentially a mini Tournament.

The GIR Festivals are open to all U12, U9 & U6 Boys & Girls.
Again no rugby experience is necessary but it does help if they have been to some GIR sessions.

The festival format basically takes the boys and girls and puts them into teams and instead of being a training type session, they play a series of matches in a Round Robin tournament.

The number of teams and make up of the teams is determined by the numbers and ages of the children who attend and are flexible and adapt to the needs of the kids to make sure that all get a fair run and enjoy themselves.

The focus is not on winning but on participating.

But by playing in a tournament, they learn a bit more about the structure of the game and the nature of playing in a team and working as a team.


We had a visit from World Rugby's Regional Coordinator for GIR at the start of the month. Although his visit was short, it was very productive as he was able to meet with the Education Department senior Officials and Principals, as well as some teachers. He joined the Nauru 7s squad at training and also joined in on the GIR session that weekend. He spent time working with Nauru Rugby on developing an action plan for further activities in 2017 which we will update you all about as it is finalised.

Tihrani did say how impressed he was with the development of rugby on Nauru and was very happy to see how the kids are getting into rugby.
This is translating into further support and backing from key people in World Rugby to see what more they can do to support rugby in Nauru.

To help get the Nauru 7s squad to two overseas tournaments this October and November, Nauru Rugby continues its fundraising efforts with another great Raffle now on sale.
There are many fantastic prizes on offer and we would greatly appreciate all your support for this raffle. The Raffle draw is on Monday 26 September - National Youth Day.
Contact any of the Nauru 7s squad or NRU Executive for tickets. 

Nauru 7s Squad

  • David ADEANG
  • Roberit BURAMEN
  • Charles Nano DAGIARO
  • Johnny DAGIARO
  • Sherlock DENUGA
  • Rasmussen DOWABOBO
  • German GRUNDLER
  • Yoshi HARRIS
  • Kingston IKA
  • Teolime KAMTAURA
  • Kristides MENKE
  • Mendi MWAREOW
  • Zac TEMAKI


Photo: Nauru rugby