PM: Govt in talks to save UPNG academic year

Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, has expressed sadness over the suspension of 2016 Academic Year for the University of Papua New Guinea.

The Prime Minister said it is the decision of the UPNG Council, which the Government could not interfere with but it is doing all it can to ensure the academic year is saved so students can continue on with their studies.

“Government officials are now negotiating with the UPNG Council to find an amicable way to save the academic year and if it means schooling until December, we will do everything possible for the students to continue,” said O’Neill.

He said that education is the top priority of the government and it cannot see it being jeopardised.

Government has invested tremendously on education every year to ensure students are well educated to become good citizens and contribute meaningfully towards the development of the country.

PM said Government is working tirelessly to save the Academic year but the honour is on the students to think seriously about their education and the amount of effort the Government and their parents have put in for them to have a better education and a successful life in the future.

O’Neill urged the students of UPNG to stay calm while the responsible authorities find a way to save the Academic Year.

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