Pacific tuna fishery well placed for 2016

The chief executive of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement says the Pacific tuna fishery is well placed for 2016 after the recent AGM of the PacificTuna Commission.

Transform Aqorau says the highlight of the meeting was coming away with agreement on target reference points which is a tuna management strategy that incorporates biological, ecological, social, and economic considerations.

But Dr Aqorau says the meeting was not without its disappointments and hit back at critics who say the PNA is making the Pacific fishery too expensive for some boats to operate in.

"Those who have been accusing the PNA should be well informed that the VDS [Vessel Day Scheme] is having the effect that we expected it to have. And that is that we are controlling effort and we are also controlling capacity and seeing some of these older inefficient boats leave this fishery."


Radio New Zealand International