Pacific to push for reform at World Humanitarian Summit

The region's community groups plan to push for reform of the humanitarian aid system at a world summit in Turkey next week.

RNZI reports the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon has convened the first World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul as part of his call for humanity to be placed at the heart of global decision-making.

The Executive Director of PIANGO, Emele Duituturaga, is among civil society groups attending from the Pacific.

She says the UN humanitarian system does not help strengthen local leadership after disasters like the recent cyclones which have hit the region.

"What we've seen since TC Pam and TC Winston is international NGOs setting up, expanding their organisations and local NGOs are still struggling on shoe strings," said Ms Duituturaga.

"Now that's not to say it's an either or. What we're saying is that there needs to be a strengthening of local and national NGOs particularly."

Ms Duituturaga says the summit is also another opportunity for the Pacific to tell the world about the global responsibility for climate-induced disaster.