Pacific Islands call on NZ to ‘do more’ on climate change

Leading climate voices from the Pacific Islands are trying to raise greater global warming awareness in New Zealand through a “Climate Tour” to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

The very existence of many of the island nations is threatened by the impact of climate change and they feel that their “big brother”, New Zealand, isn’t doing enough to help them.

Among the leaders speaking out, is the general secretary of the Christian Church of Tuvalu and founder of the Pacific Islands Climate Action Network, Rev Tafue Lusama.

His homeland, Tuvalu, is projected to be underwater in less than 50 years.

“We can’t sit back and look at our big brother turning its back on us. We need to tap on the shoulder of New Zealand to look back at us and do more, than what it is doing now,” he says.

In a statement to Pacific Scoop, the Minister for Climate Change Issues, Tim Groser, stands by New Zealand’s goal to cut emissions to 30 percent below 2005 levels over the next 15 years.

“This is a fair and ambitious contribution to the global effort, reflecting New Zealand’s circumstances and the uncertainties still facing us. We are providing significant support for climate action in the Pacific,” he said.