NZ PM happy with his country's climate change stance

The New Zealand Prime Minister is comfortable with his country's work on climate change despite mounting pressure for Pacific Island Forum leaders to do more.

John Key is attending the Forum leaders meeting in Port Moresby.

The meeting was preceded by declarations by Small Islands States, NGOs and Fiji's Pacific Islands Development Forum calling for greater action including no more than a 1.5 degree rise in global temperature above pre-industrial levels.

Developed nations have traditionally looked at two degrees as a more realistic target.

Key says he is happy with the work New Zealand has done to fight climate change.

“You can understand absolutely why countries that are very low-lying would have concerns about anticipated rises in sea-levels. And of course they would do everything they can to advocate for that. But New Zealand doesn't look to try and close them down or run away from the targets we've set and the actions that we've taken. I actually genuinely believe that we are doing the right thing”.