Niue police warn against scam emails

The police in Niue are warning residents against replying to scam emails from strangers asking for banking and personal details.

Niue's chief of police, Tony Edwards, says there have been reports of emails trying to scam people in Niue to provide personal information and send money overseas.

He says these types of scams are a common problem in the Pacific, and Niue police have been out in the community raising awareness about the issue.

Tony Edwards says they've been teaching people how to recognise the scams and are telling them to report it to the police.

"The simple message is, if you're getting these kind of scam emails from places where you've never been or you would never have a chance to go to, the question is, why would you reply back? So what we're telling people is, don't resond, just let us know. Don't attempt to respond to them and giving them details."

Tony Edwards says to his knowledge, there has not been any reports of anyone on Niue who has lost any money to scam emails.