Niue Island Calls for Namesake Movie Star to Visit

The world’s biggest coral island – Niue, known widely as “The Rock of Polynesia” – has called out to its namesake from the movie business Dwayne Johnson (aka “The Rock”).

The message: Come and play the ukulele with us.

Niue Tourism Chief Executive Felicity Bollen says the occasion will be Niue’s forthcoming, inaugural, four-day Ukulele Festival - “NiueKelele” - in October. “We may not be able to match the global film audience Dwayne got from his ukulele cameo in ‘Journey 2: The Mysterious Island’, but we can offer him the unique chance to play in front of an entire nation - I can guarantee it.

“And playing ‘What a wonderful world’, as he did in the movie, would be the perfect choice – that’s us.”

Felicity says Niue’s musicians, residents and visitors have gone online with a heart-felt YouTube plea for Johnson to visit the island during the Festival, which runs from 21-24 October this year and features ukulele workshops, concerts, special island activities and a Gala dinner. “Some of the best uke players in the Pacific will be here to share their talent with Dwayne – and maybe pick up some acting tips from him in return.”

She says persuading the star to take time out from his busy schedule is a big call.  “But maybe he’d like a South Pacific break; he is, after all, part-Samoan.  And given his recent involvement in Disney’s new movie ‘Moana’, a uke’ holiday at Niue might be right up his alley. We’ll look after him!”


Malō uso, Dwayne!  As one “Rock” (Niue – the world’s biggest coral island) to another (the world’s biggest film star) – have we got a proposition for you.

We know you like ukuleles – we saw your sweet little solo on Journey 2: The Mysterious Island...

“What a wonderful world” - You were singing about us weren’t you?

So we know (obviously) that you also have a thing for mysterious islands.

Put the two together and you have Niue’s inaugural Ukelele Festival “NiueKelele” happening in late October.

We’d love you to join us for four days of music (21-24 October) and a chance to sample the other scenic delights and activities Niue can offer.  Great food, great people, diving, whale-watching...a chance to slow down (no more fast and furious) and enjoy the beauties of one of the Pacific’s hidden treasures.  How much would we like to see you?  Go online and hear our voices...

How could you not come to a real mysterious island and reprise the song that must have been written for Niue? And play to an entire nation!

You can fly to Niue via the land of the kiwi – and see a bit of NZ, your old homeland, on the way.

We know you’re making a journey to the Moon, and the Moon rocks, but on the way how about “The Rock” making Journey 2.5: Niue at “The (other) Rock”?

Moana might be there...

From the People of Niue...with love.

Koe kia!