Nauruan power-lifter slashes record in training

Nauru’s Irving Harris has unofficially slashed his own world record in the Master II 74kg category in power-lifting.

The world record holder is on a stopover in Fiji, applying for his visa to attend the power-lifting championship in Texas, US on June 19.

Fiji Times reports Harris, along with compatriot Jezza Uepa, competing in the super heavyweight category were at Charmans All Races Club yesterday training as a buildup towards the world event.

Harris holds the world record for the squat category with a lift of 205kg.

Yesterday he cleared 210kg during training.

"To tell you the truth I started in power-lifting three years ago. Before that I was involved in other sports and to excel in other sports I had to do some weights. I had no idea that the national coach was saying that I was already reaching Commonwealth records and so they quickly put me through the program and it turned out really good," he said.

Now set to compete and hopefully slash and create another record officially, he said he would do his best at the World Championships.

"It's not really that difficult if you do put in that commitment. Results do show and like I've shown at Charmans, I went through two rounds of what could be a world record , simply because I've been going through that routine with coach Jared.

"It only comes through commitment and sacrifice.

"The more you put in this two combination, the more you are going to go up for sure," he said.

Harris, Uepa and their management team are scheduled to travel to Texas by the end of the week.


Pic: File. Irving Harris (right) being interviewed