Miss PNG running third in internet challenge

Miss Papua New Guinea 2016 Kellyanne Limbiye is running third in the Miss Internet competition, but still a long way from fellow contestants, Miss Tonga and Miss Nauru.

Raking 31 percent so far with 2,277 votes, Miss Tonga Laura Melaia Renae Lauti, 21 years old, is running first towards the title of Miss Internet.

Following in second place is Miss Nauru, Lucina Detsiogo, 19, who has also covered 31 percent with 2,351 votes.

PNG’s Limbiye in third place has managed to cover only 9 percent with 705 votes so far.

Behind Limibye: Miss American Samoa, Antonina Keka Lilomaiava, 19, makes fourth place, covering 8 percent with 620 votes; Miss Fiji, Anne Christine Dunn, 24, runs closely behind on fifth place, covering 7 percent with 537 votes; Miss Cook Islands, Tepaeru Helen Toka, 21, is on sixth place, covering 5 percent with 401 votes; Miss Solomon Islands, Camilla Grossmith, 23, is on seventh, also covering 5 percent with 353 votes, and; Miss Samoa, Priscilla Olano, 26, closes the placings, covering 4 percent with 263.

This count comes on the second day of the pageant. Voting ends on Dec.

How to vote:
1. Go to www.misspacificislands.org
2. Click on the contestants’ profile
3. On the right hand side of the page you will see the voting poll. 
4. Click on your favourite contestant and submit vote

- Facebook likes on the contestant’s photos does not count as votes
- You can only vote once per IP address, which is a unique number to identify each computer. 
- If you have already voted once from your computer or phone, you will not be able to vote again unless from another phone or computer which has not been used to vote from.

(Picture: Tonga - Laura Melaia Renae Lauti)

Gloria Bauai