Miss Nauru performs at State banquet

Digicel's brand ambassador Miss Nauru Lucina Detsiogo was invited to the Nauru president's state banquet where she performed a solo dance to the 100 or so guests.

Lucina has a talent for singing and dancing and her appearance at the state banquet this week (13 May) in celebration of Nauru's 40th Constitution Day celebration was a pleasant surprise for the guests.

She elegantly performed a semi-slow dance in a red and black island dress.

Miss Nauru recently returned from Brisbane Australia where she visited several schools to promote Nauru's culture. During the same trip Digicel Nauru set up a photo shoot with Lucina which was a very rewarding experience for her.

Lucina continues her usual employment with the Nauru government while she prepares for her participation at this years' Miss Pacific Islands pageant where she will represent Nauru.


Ben Kealy