His Excellency, Baron Waqa visits church gathering

​The Assemblies of God hosted their 4th General church conference, and the theme for this year, was “Coming Back to First Love!”

Reflecting on Revelation 2:4, “Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee because thou hast left thy first love”. KJV

The ceremony was organised by a group of committee that was led by A.O.G Associate Youth Pastor Lena Porte under the supervision of A.O.G Superintendent Reverend David Aingimea.

 His Excellency President Baron Waqa and Madam Louisa Waqa arrived at Tabernacle church in the evening and were greeted by the General Superintendent and Reverend David Aingimea. Also in attendance were Chief Justice Joni Madraiwiwi, Judge Jane Hamilton-White, Minister Shadlock Bernicke and MP Hon. Ranon Akua.

The night opened with a prayer by Deputy General Superintendent Reverend Evi Agir then followed by a warm greeting to all who are present on the night. The raising of the flags took place afterwards followed by the National anthem.

Reverend Aingimea also delivered his speech on behalf of the A.O.G in Nauru and welcomed everyone at the church especially His Excellency the President and his delegates and the speakers from different nation. The President also conveyed his thanks to the church of A.O.G and his people. President Waqa stated that the emblem binds us the people of Nauru, foreigners and the Government all together.

Afterwards the worship team started the evening with immaculate sounds of praise and worships sung by the worship team. A pleasant atmosphere filled the whole tabernacle with delight and joy as the youths gracefully worshipped and praised their God through dancing and singing.

The sermon was preached by a missionary from Apostles Gospel Outreach Fellowship International (IGOFI) Fiji Suva, Pastor Jokatama Bola and ended with a closing remark by Conference Co-ordinator Rev. David Deluckner.

In his speech he generally spoke of the theme “Coming Back to First Love” was not meant for just individual but for the nation of Nauru.  The Reverend also shared the blessings that we’ve inherited from our forefathers from the early days, and that is the Nauru emblem (God’s Will First).

Then President Waqa and his delegates along with the Pastors were then served with light refreshment provided by the church.