Gunman opens fire at US Capitol

The White House and the US Capitol in Washington DC were put in lockdown after a gunman opened fire and shot a police officer at the Capitol's visitor's centre.

RNZI reports the gunman has been captured, according to the Capitol's Sergeant-At-Arms. The officer's wounds were not serious.

Gunshots were heard in the US Capitol Visitors Center and workers were told to shelter. There was confusion in early accounts of the incident about what occurred.

A Capitol police officer, who asked not to be identified, said that the suspected shooter was being transported to hospital. The officer did not identify or describe the suspect and he added that there were no additional suspects.

Congress is in recess and few lawmakers are in Washington, but the shooting happened just a few hours after a drill for an active shooter took place at the Capitol, creating confusion.

The Secret Service temporarily cleared tourists from an area surrounding the White House after the incident, but activities quickly went back to normal.