Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, DeepMind announce the biggest partnership on AI

The artificial intelligence is rising and computers are becoming smarter with increasing human-like thinking capabilities.

 AI creations can write captions for images, create trailers for moviesdiagnose cancer, etc. There has been a lot of development in this field. Yet, there is a need of a body which combines and synchronizes the efforts of the biggest R&D names in this field.

A new Partnership on AI has been announced to fill the gap of a connecting string between various companies working for the development of AI. Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Facebook, and DeepMind (Google) are the board members of a yet to be formed non-profit which would focus on public understanding of artificial intelligence and propel the adoption of best practices and industry standards for conducting AI research.

It might be possible the other notable AI companies like Elon Musk’s OpenAImay join the organization in the future. Apart from the involvement of technology companies, the partnership also welcomes participation from people and organizations working in other areas like psychology, philosophy, economics, finance, etc. The organization, once in action, will conduct discussions, studies, and publish reports on various important topics.

The companies which are competitive rivals on the AI war fronts have joined hands. But such organizations should exist and put efforts to answer the questions about the future of artificial intelligence. Whether, humanoids with silicon chips in their head would kick humans out of their offices and homes. And even if they don’t, the future of AI needs to be in hands of the humans.

– Partnership on AI

Via: TechCrunch