Domestic violence prevention programme said to be paying off

The New Zealand Police say a programme aimed at helping prevent domestic violence in the Pacific is paying off.

The Pacific Prevention Domestic Violence Programme began in 2006 with the aim of raising police standards when dealing with domestic violence cases.

Its programme officer, Nga Utanga, spoke at a special screening of the New Zealand film, Once Were Warriors, which is based around domestic violence, at the Nothing Less than Equal Film Festival in Suva.

Utanga says like the work they do in the region, the film shows people having the courage to overcome violence.

"It's about the ability of communities and societies to change. And that's what we're gradually seeing in the Pacific. A long way to go, but we are seeing change in terms of social norms."

The 11-day film festival is the first in Fiji to focus on violence against women.


Radio New Zealand International