Digicel's 'saik ap' morning

In order to be successful, people must take more ownership of their lives by being more proactive in ensuring the wellbeing of their mental, physical and psychological health.

This is the concept behind Digicel PNG’s efforts to get staff involved in weekly Staff Motivate Sessions.

This morning was no different as staff were led by Loop PNG and Trend Media staff as they carried out a dance movement routine energised with Justin Timberlake’s Can't stop the feeling song playing in the background.

The “active” 30 minute staff “encouragement” activities has been in place since last year, following a staff company “Wellness & Peak Performance week”.

Staff are inspired to embrace the ideal that the company is as strong as the health and wellbeing of its workers.

Digicel staff are motivated to build and maintain a strong and positive mindset, having enough of the right types of rest and recovery, eating the right types of food and getting regular exercise.

The weekly motivate sessions has been facilitated by a small group of volunteer employees called Digicel Engagement Ambassadors led by the vivacious and charismatic Arthur Tane.

Tane spoke to Loop PNG about the concept of Motivate, saying that it was an opportunity for staff to create a friendlier and conducive work environment while also empower different cultural groups working and engaging with each other.

The Motivate sessions are now being implemented in the Digicel Lae, Hagen and soon to be in Kokopo offices.

Meantime, Tane says the concept is a good way for shy staff to come out of their shells and become known by other colleagues beyond their own departments, etc.

The Motivate sessions are passionately supported by PNG CEO Maurice McCarthy, the Regional CEO Mike Murphy and Emer Jamerson, who is the Group Chief People Officer.

Tane says when people are happy, they are more open to learning, accepting new ideas, challenges and be willing to grow.

Overall, the Motivate sessions are a way to also have effective team building that will result in a positive impact for not just the individual, but the company as well.

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