Digicel Nauru signs Miss Nauru as first female brand ambassador

Digicel would like to introduce our newest Brand Ambassador, Lucina Detsiogo, and the current Miss Nauru.

Lucina represented the Chief Secretary Department in the Nauru Independence Day celebrations for the Miss Nauru Pageant in February.


Miss Nauru Lucina is hopeful for the future of Education and Nauruan culture and is also looking forward to participating in the Miss Pacific Islands Pagent which will be held in Samoa later this year.


With a talent for music and dance Lucina will definitely be a contestant to watch at the Pacific Pagent.


Over the coming weeks and months, Lucina will be campaigning and preparing herself for her trip at the end of the year to Samoa for the Miss Pacific Islands Pagent  where she will be participating on the International-stage striving to be the next Miss Pacific from Nauru, behind first ever Nauruan Miss South Pacific contestant - Lenora Oppenheimer-Bond.


“This is not the first time Digicel Nauru has sponsored the Miss Nauru Pagent, but it is definitely the first time we have ever had a Female Brand Ambassador, and we look forward in working closely with Lucina on her road to the Miss Pacific Pageant in Samoa” said Digicel Nauru CEO Ben Kealy.


Joanna Olsson, Organiser Miss Nauru Committee and Director at the Nauru Government Information Office said: “It’s exciting and challenging times for Lucina especially because this is the first time a Miss Nauru has signed up to any corporate sponsorship."


"The Committee is very thankful that Digicel has agreed to take on Miss Nauru as its Brand Ambassador. The Committee is making efforts to lift the profile of Miss Nauru further than it has been in the past. Not everyone can be Miss Nauru and Lucina will be a great ambassador for Nauru and young women of Nauru and with Digicel’s sponsorship she will surely shine in the community.”