Digicel install FREE Wi-Fi in Nauru school’s

Digicel is delighted to announce that it has installed FREE Wi-Fi for 10 schools located around the island in Nauru.

The new 3G unwired Wi-Fi is part of Digicel roll out of its new unwired 3G service. 

CEO at Digicel, Ben Kealy, said that: “he was delighted to support the local schools programme and hoped that access to FREE Wi-Fi would help the children of Nauru develop their education.  He went onto say that it was part of Digicel’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and is now part of supporting the many Communities in Nauru.

These new 3G unwired units are available at the Digicel Flag ship store at the Civic Centre.

The school installed with FREE Wi-Fi are as follows:

1.        Aiwo Primary School

2.        Boe School

3.        Kayser college

4.        Menen infant school

5.        Nauru college

6.        Yaren Primary school

7.        Able Disable School

8.        Nauru Secondary School

9.        Nibok infant School

10.     Anetan infant school    

Ben Kealy