Digicel Brand Ambassador Jezza Uepa breaks own record

Digicel Brand Ambassador Jezza Uepa has broken his personal record at the Digicel 7th birthday Powerlifting Competition held at Digicel’s main office on Nauru at the weekend.

Uepa broke his record of 426.5 kilograms in the squat to lift, by a massive 13.5 kilograms, now making his record 440 kilograms.

Speaking from the event Digicel Nauru CEO, Ben Kealy commented: “Jezza’s effort this evening (Saturday) was remarkable. Jezza is very focused with his competitions and does not take any event lightly. We are very proud to be associated with Jezza and to support him on his sporting journey as heaves his road to the Commonwealth Championship in New Zealand.”

Jezza will next compete at Christchurch, New Zealand in December for the Oceania & Asia Commonwealth Championship where he will ‘officially’ attempt the 440Kg world record.


 Photo: Jezza Uepa with Ben Kealy CEO Digicel Nauru and Joseph Hayes, Head of Learning & Development.