Customs Tariff Training for Traders and Potential Custom Brokers

The Customs Department in Nauru is currently conducting a series of training workshops for business houses and frequent importers to enable them to use the Harmonised Tariff Classification System and the Electronic Declaration Process required by law.

Both these systems will become the new way to lodge imports with Customs under a phased in program of large business, small business and individual importers.

Customs is also offering training to interested persons who want to become Customs Brokers.  The Customs Broker is the person that puts entry documentation together using the Harmonised Tariff and Electronic entry system on behalf of a business or individual importers for a fee.          

It is important that you understand this new system as you will not be able to obtain your cargo without using this entry method.

The current paper based system does not capture revenue and trade statistics and will be phased out and replaced with a modern system used in many other Pacific nations by the end of October 2016.

It is important that all business have an opportunity to undergo the training to enable them to use the new system.  Customs will continue to roll out the training for the next few months   to ensure all business or frequent importers understand the new processes required.     

Please contact the customs office at the airport to book your place on the training course.  Each course is a week long, Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 4.30pm so you must commit to attending it.

If you do not attend this training you will need to use a customs broker to do your imports.

Landowners with Chinese businesses are urged to communicate this vital information to their tenants or they will not be able to clear their cargo in future.

For inquiries interested participants are welcome to drop in at the Customs office at the Nauru airport.