Cook attends AOSIS ministerial meeting in New York

Minister for Rhonpos, Aaron Cook is currently in the Big Apple attending the 70th United Nations General Assembly and the adoption of the post-2015 Development Agenda.

In the margins of said session above, Minister Cook also attended the AOSIS Ministerial meeting that was scheduled on the 24th of September to discuss key AOSIS positions towards Paris COP 21 and to reflect on work completed relating to sustainable development agendas, such as the S.A.M.O.A Pathway, the Post-2015 Development Agenda and the Financing for Development.

Key political issues discussed towards COP 21 in Paris were on Finance, Differentiation, Loss & Damage and Long-term temperature Goal. After much deliberation on the contentious issue of Loss & Damage, Minister Cook took the floor and stressed the following:

"For Nauru, loss and damage is absolutely crucial that it should be part of the Paris 2015 agreement that is separate and distinct from adaptation. I am hearing the views on the table today and from my understanding, it’s the permanence of loss and damage in the agreement that is most important for our group. Its unfortunate that the issue of compensation and liability are not in our favor but for Nauru, we also need to face the political realities and a clear example of that political reality is that we will never get loss and damage into the agreement if we are discussing about compensation and liability.

"The G77 & China common position is a huge progress and a great starting point, but it is not the end point. What I mean here is that our focus for now should be on the permanence of loss and damage into the Paris 2015 agreement and knowing the durability nature of the agreement, then the issue of liability and compensation can be addressed at a later stage or even in cop decisions, as mentioned by Solomon islands and Palau"

Minister Cook’s intervention was well received by members of AOSIS, which has helped to shape AOSIS position on Loss & Damage towards Paris this December. 

Minister Cook concluded by acknowledging the outstanding work and leadership of Maldives (AOSIS Chair).