Churches and governments in the region must take action on Climate Change

Pacific churches and governments must take action to fight the effects of climate change.

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, made the comment ahead of a lecture that will be delivered in Fiji's capital today.

The second-highest cleric in the Anglican Communion, Archbishop Sentamu is on a visit Samoa, Tonga and Fiji to lead a series of Leadership Reflections on Climate Change at the invitation of the Rev Dr Winston Halapua, the Archbishop of Polynesia.

“Climate change affects everyone: agriculture, tourism, fisheries, water, health and wellbeing," Dr Sentamu said.

"The skills and capabilities of local populations, national governmental authorities and regional organisations must act to ameliorate the effects of climate change.”

The Archbishop’s visit precedes the Paris summit in December 2015, where 196 countries are expected to meet to sign a new climate change agreement.

Archbishop Winston Halapua said the church was greatly looking forward to welcoming the Archbishop of York and Mrs Margaret Sentamu.

“This will be the first time that the Archbishop of York has come to this corner of the Earth and our nations will be blessed by their enrichment and encouragement in our common mission. One of the global issues which is impacting our region requiring a clear voice from the Church is the issue of climate change and sea-level rising.”

The Archbishop will visit the Pacific Theological College and the Pacific Regional Seminary.