An American university is sending students acceptance Snapchats

A university in America has started Snapchatting its applicants to let them know that they've got in.

Now, as well as posting an acceptance package, the University of Wisconsinin Green Bay will snap the good news too.

It says it's just keeping up with the times and it means potential students get the message much quicker.

"They'll definitely get their snap before they get their mail pack," says Admissions Officer, Katelyn Santy.

"Students get their snaps pretty immediately because it's a place where they are.

"They spend a lot of time there," she told WCMH-TV news.

It's true that Snapchat is fast becoming one of the most popular social networks in the world, with a reported 150 million people now using the app every day.

Earlier this year, figures revealed by Bloomberg suggested the photo and video messaging app had overtaken Twitter and its 140 million active daily users.

The university finds it a useful tool - especially because they're able to see when a student reads their message.

"They'll screenshot the snap and they'll respond with an excited selfie," said Richter Landers from the uni.

It's one snapchat they won't want to disappear after 24-hours though.