Police women trained in cyber safety

Police women from the Pacific Island Countries (PIC) attended a Cyber Safety Pacifika Awareness Train the Trainer program this week in Canberra, Australia.

Cyber Safety Pasifika is one of the programs delivered by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) under the Pacific Police Development Program - Regional (PPDR-R) to support their Pacific police partners.

The program is to train local police officers from each PIC to train trainers and to carry out awareness about cyber safety and educate people on how to use the internet smartly, safely and have fun online.

The awareness package covered some very interesting tips like the importance of avoid communicating with people you don't know of on the internet, having respectful relationships, how to avoid scams and learn how to block and report unwanted persons. It also included cyber bullying.

For more information about Cyber Safety Pasifika, you can also visit their website on www.cybersafetypasifika.org

Annette Kora