Ookla awards Digicel, Fastest Mobile Network in Fiji

Digicel, the total telecommunications and entertainment provider, today announces it has been named as the fastest mobile network in Fiji after analysis by Ookla.

Using data from customer-initiated speed tests, Ookla measured Digicel’s service as having an average speed score of 23.09 with average speeds of 25.60 Mbps for download, which ranked faster than any other provider in the market.

Ookla is based out of US and operates the Speedtest.net web service that provides free access performance. 

Mike Greig, Digicel Fiji CEO said; “We are proud that this independent result, by a globally respected speed measurement company, has proven that we offer the fastest mobile network.”

“We continuously invest in upgrading technology to ensure that our customers enjoy the very best network connectivity experience. We are all about our customers, about giving them a superior LTE 4G+ data network experience – to offer our customers what they love on the fastest, more reliable network so that they can stream videos, share and consume data on their smartphones effortlessly.”

“Improved connectivity with Digicel LTE 4G+ network has helped Fijians keep abreast with ever-evolving times, empowering individuals, businesses and government. We are assisting Fijians in their daily digital lifestyle where download speed is as important as food and water,” commented Greig.

Ms. Charlotte Taylor, Digicel Head of Mobile Consumer Products said; “I am delighted that Digicel Fiji is the first market in the region to receive this prestigious award. Our significant investment in LTE 4G+ network underpins our commitment to Fiji and to making reliable, efficient and super-fast broadband accessible to Fijians across the islands.”

Jamie Steven, Ookla Executive Vice-President said; “We are pleased to award Digicel with the award for Fastest Mobile Network in Fiji. This recognition is testament to their exceptional performance in Q3-Q4 based on Ookla’s rigorous analysis of consumer-initiated tests taken with Speedtest.”