190 women ready to provide ‘Nambawan Klining’ for upcoming Mini games

The Van2017 Games Villages have secured their cleaning workforce, with 19 local groups signed up for their engagement prior to, during and after the Games in December.

Last week 19 women’s group representatives put pen on the paper to confirm their commitment to the Pacific Mini Games workforce services.

“Without you, our villages will not be clean; we need you to make sure that our athletes feel at home,” said VanCEO Clint Flood, in his remarks to all local contractors.

“The village is the most important service component in a Games; we expect you to deliver the best, to make an athlete feel at home, to provide a clean environment for them! You will be your country’s ambassadors – always give your smile, give your time to assist and answer any queries from an athlete. This will show how Vanuatu offers its hospitality to all its visitors.”

Those who signed the service contracts were all team leaders of groups coming from various women’s associations in communities and churches around Port Vila.

Under the contract, all cleaning groups will be responsible to provide cleaning services in athletes’ dormitories, ablutions areas and common halls, collection and removal of waste, laundry, washrooms, ‘Portaloos’, toilets and bathrooms, as well as exterior compounds.

In total, 190 cleaners are expected to work on a rotating shift, on a daily basis in the five Games Villages of Anabrou, Lycee Louis Antoine de Bougainville, Fresh Wota Bilingual school, Central school, Vanuatu Institute of Technology, and the Athletes Centre.

According to Tane Maki, who is in charge of Villages Operations, they will start on November 20, to finish on December 18.

“As benefits, they will get meals on their respective shifts, uniforms and cleaning materials will be provided to them; they will have to find their own transport. And they will get paid at the end of the Games.”