Digicel working round the clock to establish international communication with Tonga

Digicel would like to advise its valued customers that it is working round the clock to establish international network connectivity in Tonga.

Our domestic network in Tongatapu is active and we are working to restore international connectivity. Digicel’s engineers and the technical team are working on the issues and hope to have them resolved in the shortest time possible.

A preliminary technical fault investigation has established that there are two separate undersea cable breaks. The first between TCL cable landing station Sopu, Tongatapu and FINTEL cable landing station in Suva, Fiji. The international cable break is approximately 37km offshore from Tonga. The second cable break is on the domestic cable which is near the area of the recent volcanic activity.

In line with the submarine cable industry best practice, the cable repair ship CS Reliance has been activated to undertake a full fault assessment as well as determine the safety of a possible cable repair. Until this is fully restored Digicel network services will not be fully back up.

Digicel Regional CEO, Shally Jannif, said; “We know how vital it is at times like this that we keep people connected. We are focused on doing everything we can to ensure that we are able to establish international connectivity with Tonga.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to our Tongan brothers and sisters during this difficult time.


Photo file  Caption: Digicel tower in Tonga