Digicel working to restore its international connectivity affected by volcanic eruption in Hunga Ha'apai Island in Tonga

Digicel is committed to keeping our customers proactively informed and connected throughout natural disasters.

A tsunami has hit Tonga’s largest island Tongatapu, as a result, Digicel customers in the Kingdom of Tonga have experienced disruption in their mobile service. Digicel’s domestic mobile towers are in operation across Tongatapu.

Currently all communication to the outside world in Tonga is affected due to damage on the Tonga Cable Limited submarine cable, as a result of the volcanic eruption in Hunga Ha’apai Island. CEO of Digicel, Anthony Seuseu and his team are working with local authorities to resolve the damage caused as a matter of urgency. We are working on getting our satellite link connectivity and this will be available to limited customers in essential services and government.  We understand the need to be connected to your loved ones during this difficult time and we will continue to work with the local authorities to restore full connectivity as soon as possible.

We are all praying for the safety of our loved ones in Tonga. Within the next 24 hours we will have an update for you on our systems.

Digicel is encouraging all to continue to practice safety precautions to protect your lives and families. #OneTongaKiai


Photo file Digicel tower