Digicel restores intermittent internet connection in Tonga

Digicel today announced that it has managed to restore internet connectivity via a satellite link in Tonga for all customers.

Digicel Tonga CEO, Anthony Seuseu, said; “We are thrilled to get internet connectivity back up in the Kingdom. Apart from our prepaid customers, we also managed to connect some business customers - ANZ, BSP and the National Reserve Bank of Tonga, Tonga Power, Lulutai Airlines, Air New Zealand and the Western Union.”

ANZ Bank Tonga’s Senior IT Support Officer, Maikolo Pifeleti thanked the Digicel team for their hard work and resilience during this difficult time.

“Thank you Team Digicel. You have delivered the best customer service during the current situation in the country because of the volcanic eruption. I know that we have some of our services up and running from Digicel and I am hoping for more to be restored soon,” said Pifeleti.

Polynesian Shipping and Costlow Supermarket owner, Salote Cocker, said; “We are thankful to Team Digicel for connecting us with our business partners overseas and suppliers as we know the current internet capacity is limited. We greatly appreciate your team’s quick assistance as we were cut-off from running our business in this dark times.”

Digicel has also reached out to the Tongan government and offered to deliver internet capacity to the datacenter which they can then distribute to the relevant ministries as per their requirement.

Seuseu commended partners Telstra and Spark for making this possible as they provided satellite hardware spares and terminals. These terminals will be powered by Intelsat satellite bandwidth. SES and NOVELSAT have also helped Digicel in restoring connectivity.

Digicel has started distributing this week, 500 food rations packs to those in need plus 20,000 N95 masks to help protect people from the volcanic ash.”

There are more on-ground initiatives planned to help the people of the Kingdom and full details will be released soon.

Our thoughts are with those in Tonga and their families abroad.

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Photo supplied Digicel Caption: Digicel Tonga’s technical team working on satellite link equipment to restore internet connection.