Digicel continues to improve connectivity in Tonga

Digicel is delighted to announce that international calls services within Tongatapu and Eua which were restored yesterday will be enhanced further in the coming days.

The service was restored following the set-up of a satellite link which had capacity limitations.

Digicel Regional CEO, Shally Jannif, said; “As soon as the link was opened up and international calls got restored last night, we saw an influx of callers as there were up to 200 simultaneous calls. We know that a lot of people tried to call their loved ones in Tonga but were having issues with connection. Today, our technical team did further upgrades on the link and we are pleased to announce that now 400 calls can be done at a time.”

Digicel received more satellite equipment today and there’s some more on its way on a flight tomorrow.

“We have more modems and amplifiers on its way to Tonga. These will enhance output power and upgrade the link capacity. We also have more satellite antennas on the flight which will help deliver more capacity to Tonga and also try and bring Ha’apai and Vava’u Islands online.”

“We anticipate to put up all basic services in the next few days and then we hope to install more equipment to bring GPRS and 3G basic data services up so bank ATMs, EFTPOS and other services can be up in Tonga,” commented Shally.

The main international communication link to the country that being the International Cable infrastructure has two breaks undersea and will require repair by maintenance ship which is en-route from Papua New Guinea and this may take several weeks until that is remedied for full internet restoration.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the people of Tonga as well as their friends and family globally at this difficult time.

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Photo supplied  Caption: Digicel Technical team in Tonga