Digicel celebrates International Women’s Day

On International Women’s day (March 8), women across the world will be sharing their views on how we can ‘break the bias’ and create gender fairness in our workplaces and communities.

At Digicel Pacific, this theme celebrates the great efforts of our women across our five markets - Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu and Nauru in shaping a more equal future, accepting differences and celebrating diversity.

Digicel Pacific CEO, Shally Jannif, said; “Today is about celebrating our heroes, our women at all levels in the company. We also recognize women working in fields that are mostly male-dominated like Technical and IT as a testament to the equal opportunities provided at our workplace. I am proud to reveal that over the last 3 years we have invested in training in the development of future leaders and 50% of the participants have been females.”

“Our women play an important role in decision-making and work shoulder-to-shoulder with men in Senior Management (SMT) positions. Our women leaders across the 5 markets form 48% of our total management team. In Fiji, this number is at 60%, Tonga and Nauru at 75%. I am extremely proud of this result.”

There were special celebrations held in all 5 Digicel Pacific markets today ranging from a general celebration of respect, appreciation, and love towards our hardworking and dynamic female workforce.

Ms. Jannif, the first Fijian CEO, was appointed as the Digicel Pacific CEO in February 2019 and said that one of the most valuable things is that she never underestimates herself.

“For me breaking the bias needs to start from within. Our thoughts about who we are shape how we want to be treated and what is the right role and place for us.”

“Do not underestimate yourself, do not write yourself off, always work hard and believe in yourself that you can achieve. Do not discount yourself.”

“Don’t worry about what others are doing or what they think about you. Continue to push yourself outside of your comfort zone," added Ms. Jannif.


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