Travel restrictions

Nauru President reiterates WHO head's warning that COVID-19 is ‘public enemy number one’

Nauru is one of only 12 countries in the world that has not yet reported COVID-19 cases – ten of those are Pacific island countries and five are all the Micronesian countries – including Nauru.

In his weekly update, the president said it is very important we understand and remember the magnitude of this virus and the tremendous efforts that the Nauru government as well as governments of other Micronesian countries have taken to respond to COVID-19 and protect our borders.

Nauru implements travel restrictions and measures in response to coronavirus outbreak

Effective immediately from 3 March 2020, anyone travelling from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Korea and Italy in the past 21 days will not be allowed into Nauru.

According to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, the travel restriction and measures will remain in place until a new issuance.

The World Health Organisation reports more than 93,000 people have been infected in more than 80 countries.

Four new Member States (Argentina, Chile, Poland and Ukraine) have reported cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours.