Solomon Islands

Quake hits Solomons

The quake's epicentre was located 214 kilometres west of Honiara at an estimated depth of 10 kilometres.

Residents in the capital who felt the quake say it was strong enough to shake larger buildings and was followed by mild aftershocks.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre says there was no threat of a tsunami from the off shore quake.


Solomons government pledges to build 5000 new homes

The Skyline Investment Group, through the Solomon Islands Development Corporation, is to build the new homes.

The special secretary to the Prime Minister, Rence Sore, says the project will start as early as next month, depending on how quickly the government can identify and allocate land for the project.

One of the proposed sites for the housing project is Baranamba on the outskirts of Honiara.

Mr Sore says phase two of the housing project will be in provincial centres.

Farmers trained on chocolate production

It was organised by the Adventist Disaster Relief Agency (ADRA) with support from Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Australian Government (DFAT) and Solomon Islands NGO Partnership Agreement (SINPA).

About 40 farmers mostly young farmers with few elderly ones from East Guadalcanal and Malaita Province are part of the training under an ADRA project called Youth Empowerment Livelihood Project (YELP).

Solomons government signs major road project

The Ministry of Infrastructure Development signed a $5.4 million US dollar contract with China Harbor Engineering Company, who will work in partnership with Solfish JV to build the Naro-Lambi Road Rehabilitation and Bridge Project.

While most road projects in the country are funded by donors, the permanent secretary of the department, Moses Virivolomo, says this project will be paid entirely by the government.

Chec and Solfish JV's representative, Ma Jinhua, told the government the company will complete the project within the budget and the time frame.

Five election petitions to be heard in Court

The election petitions are against the Kia-Hograno-Havulei Member of Parliament Jeremiah Manele, Northwest Guadalcanal MP Bodo Detkke, Fataleka MP Steve Abana, the Central Islands MP Bartholomew Parapolo, and the Member of Parliament for Temotu-Vatud Freda Comua.

The petitions were lodged by losing candidates in the National General elections last year.

A total of fifteen election petition were lodged after last year’s National General Elections, most of them citing bribery, treating and undue influence among their claims.

Human trafficking high in Marshalls, PNG and Solomons

The country ranks the worst out of all island Pacific nations in the US State Department's Trafficking in Persons Report 2015.

The Marshall Islands' poor record revolves around the capital Majuro's role as a port of call for foreign fishing and transhipping vessels.

It says Marshall Islands girls are recruited by foreign business owners to engage in prostitution with crew members of the vessels.

It also says some Chinese women are recruited with promises of legitimate work and forced into prostitution after paying large recruitment fees.

'Shark spa' in Solomons amazes scientists

Dozens of hammerhead and silky sharks were filmed swimming around in extremely hot, acidic water inside the caldera of the Kavachi volcano in a lagoon in the country's west.

The expedition leader, Brennan Phillips, says the scientists were expecting to find very little life in the harsh water conditions.

"But we saw all the big sharks that were in there. So that was a total surprise and it just kept coming. You know, there's dozens of them and they are quite large.

No work for government-trained Solomons pilots

The government has sponsored 22 Solomon Islanders to undergo pilot training in Fiji but local reports say it's not paying the expenses of those not due to complete their courses until the end of the year.

This comes after five pilots have completed the course, but three, who had gained their commercial pilots' licences and multi-engine ratings, have now lost them because they could not find flying jobs.

Solomon Islands PM plans attend top meetings

He revealed this in a meeting last Wednesday with the French Ambassador to Solomon Islands Pascal Maubert.

The meeting was requested by Ambassador to specifically to confirm the Prime Minister’s attendance of this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference and whether the new time schedule for the meeting- November 25 and 26- is convenient for him.

“If the conference has been rescheduled for the 25th and 26th of November from the original time-frame of November 30th to December 11th, it will not make any difference for us.

Message from the Special Coordinator on RAMSI’s 12TH Anniversary

Twelve years ago today, the first RAMSI police, military and civilian personnel from all around the Pacific region arrived in their thousands to “helpem fren”. 

RAMSI quickly set to work to restore law and order throughout the country. And in the decade which followed, the Mission helped successive governments to rebuild national institutions, stabilise the economy, reduce government debt and improve service delivery.