New Minister pledges reviews into RONPHOS, Nauru Rehabilitation Corporation

Minister Aliklik said the aim of the reviews was to help ensure the corporations played an important role in Nauru’s future prosperity.

In regards to RONPHOS, he said he wanted to make it profitable.

“Ensuring RONPHOS becomes profitable will help ensure the prosperity of the entire nation,” Mr Aliklik said.

“It will assist this Government’s plans and dreams to enhance the standard of living and quality of life of all the people of Nauru.”

Mr Aliklik revealed the Government had last week sent samples of phosphate to Taiwan.

Tests show Nauru can mine phosphate into 2040s

Robert Mencel has told Nauru media that geological testing has isolated the areas with the remaining phosphate and mining this at a rate of around 500,000 tonnes a year will allow the industry to continue into the 2040s.

Mr Mencel said they are now blasting the pinnacles, which have been obstructing the mining process, out of way, and are also backfilling the mined areas to allow rehabilitation of the land.