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Nauru President addresses speculations on flight crew incident

On arrival in Nauru, Friday 8 May around 6.30pm, all five crew members did not disembark the plane but underwent the routine health screening by Nauru Health Officer for coronavirus, this includes the rapid diagnosis testing in the front gallery of the plane.

As a result, one of the members of the crew had a positive rapid test. A positive rapid test indicates that the person has likely been infected some time.

Nauru's leader says UN has key role fighting climate crisis

Mr Aingimea, who was speaking on behalf of the Pacific Islands Forum, said Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas was an example of the more frequent extreme weather event that will undermine the region's survival and viability.

The president said building climate-resilient systems that support peace and stability will take a concerted international effort and that the UN has an important role to play in this.

He called on the UN to respond to the Pacific's call for it to urgently appoint a Special Representative on Climate and Security.

Digicel pays AUD$890,379 Dividend to Shareholders

Since 2009, Digicel has paid over US$15million to the Government of Nauru in dividends and taxes.  Digicel continues to be the most prolific financial supporter and sponsor of sports, education, health and cultural initiatives in the country.

His Excellency Hon. Lionel Rouwen Aingimea, President of The Republic of Nauru thanked Digicel for its significant contribution to the communications infrastructure in Nauru and said; “On behalf of a grateful country, Thank you very much.”

Nauru Government pays $500K to widows

This forms part of the total $40 million Nauruans lost in the banking collapse.

An initiative of President Waqa, Parliament approved the payment during the last sitting, and Finance Minister David Adeang revealed the funds were deposited into recipients’ Bendigo Bank accounts last Thursday and Friday.

Mr Adeang said many Nauruans lost large amounts of money, which people never expected to see again, particularly after the previous administration wrote off ninety per cent of the total amount.

PINA urges for ‘Pacific Way’ to resolve impasse between Nauru Government and ABC

“If current media reports are indeed true about the ABC being denied entry to Nauru to cover the upcoming Pacific Islands Forum Leaders’ Summit in Nauru, we appeal to the Government of Nauru to rescind its decision and allow ABC journalists to cover this meeting in September.

“This is the highest political gathering where our regional leaders, as well as regional media, look forward to attending every year.

Nauru Government to appeal court ruling to pay for Australian lawyers

Justice Minister David Adeang said the ruling was surprising, given that the legislation committed to provide all defendants with legal representation in a similar way to many other democratic nations.

“The legislation passed by Parliament recognises the importance of due process and provides for every person charged with a criminal offence to have representation by way of a public defender, at no expense to them.

Nauru magistrate departs after contract non renewed

RNZ reports the decision comes after Emma Garo had sentenced three people who had pleaded guilty to various charges laid in connection with an anti-government protest 17 months ago.

The government is understood to be upset at what it sees as both the lenient sentences and the granting of bail by Ms Garo.

Earlier this year in parliament, Justice Minister David Adeang had warned judges to be careful about being what he considered too lenient, suggesting their contracts may not be renewed.

Nauru government scraps proposed abortion law for refugees

More than a thousand people are living in Nauru as part of Australia's immigration detention program.

The planned amendment to Nauruan law was opposed by government MPs in Nauru's parliament, despite being approved by cabinet.

Former opposition Mathew Batsiua said that government would have needed to consult more thoroughly even if the intentions were to apply to the asylum seekers in Nauru.  

ABC reports that ultimately the laws would have prevented pregnant asylum seekers and refuges from travelling to Australia or other countries like PNG to receive abortion.

Nauru Government critical of ‘Four Corners - Forgotten Children’ TV progam

It was clear that these children were coached, and that the entire process of filming the refugees was stage-managed, as the program has not been to Nauru. Despite this, viewers could clearly see that the refugees featured were well dressed, well-groomed and healthy. We know they will say anything to influence the Australian Government to bring them to Australia - a goal that motivated them to pay large amounts of money to people smugglers – which includes making false claims against the Nauruan people.

Nauru government claims abuse reports fabricated

Last week, the Guardian published more than 2000 leaked incident reports filed by staff at the camps detailing the assaults, sexual abuse, self-harm attempts, child abuse and living conditions endured by the inmates in the camps.

Human rights groups say the camps must close immediately, and there is pressure now for a senate inquiry in the Australian federal parliament.