Hawaiian Airlines

Another month of no flights from Hawai'i to American Samoa

It was the third extension request from the governor as he continued to strive to keep American Samoa as the only US state or territory without Covid-19.

In his request to the airline, the governor cited the territory's lack of test kits to carry out coronavirus testing of its people, let alone arriving travelers.

He also said the hospital was not equipped to take care of Covid-19 patients and did not have enough quarantine facilities.

Hawaiian Air normally operates two flights per week between Honolulu and Pago Pago and adds a third during the summer months.

7 in hospital in Hawaii after smoke fills plane

In a statement, Hawaiian Airlines says that the 184 passengers and seven crew members used emergency slides to evacuate the plane after it landed.

American Medical Response spokesman James Ireland says a total of 11 patients had breathing complaints and seven were taken to the hospital.

Ireland says the youngest patient taken to the hospital was a 9-month-old. He says another older child was also injured and the rest were adults. All injuries were considered minor.

One person was treated at the scene for minor injuries sustained during the evacuation.

Hawaiian Airlines plane diverted over blanket row

A passenger had asked for the wrap because he was cold, and was outraged when he was asked to pay $12 (£9.80).

Police said the man, 66, said he "would like to take someone behind the woodshed for this", which the pilot deemed threatening and then ordered the plane be diverted to Los Angeles.

No crime had been committed, police added.

Airlines boost on-time rating, but Spirit often runs late

Perhaps then it is no surprise that Spirit has the highest complaint rate of any major U.S. airline.

Spirit, a low-fare, high-fees carrier with a clientele of mostly leisure travelers, had by far the worst on-time performance in June among 14 airlines tracked in a government report. Only 49.9 percent of its flights arrived within 15 minutes of schedule, which is the government's definition of being on time.