Government assistance

Nauru Airlines receives Government support for COVID-19 redundancy

Border restrictions, closures and halting of international travel are affecting the airline.

Nauru Airlines has scheduled fortnightly passenger flights to and from Brisbane and a few freighter flights each week that bring supplies for the island.

As Minister for Nauru Airlines, President Lionel Aingimea said, “This affects our airline drastically, in a financial sense,” adding that in 2021 the airline is looking at 80 per cent cells operations which means revenue for the airline will be down by millions.

Call for parts of Fiji to be declared disaster zones

The opposition party said this would enable people to get immediate government assistance.

The NFP said Rakiraki, parts of Qamea which has been hit by landslides, and other areas should be declared disaster zones.

The party said there should be rehabilitation packages for crop and house damage and it's called for army engineers to clean up, distribute rations and repair badly damaged infrastructure.

It said the town and district of Ra has suffered millions of dollars worth of damage.