East New Britain

​Kokopo police intercept flight, detain soldiers

Provincial Police Commander, Joseph Tabali, confirms that this came about after they received information alleging that some soldiers were on the flight upon a candidate’s request.

It was claimed that the flight was sponsored by National Alliance endorsed candidate for Namatanai, Walter Schnaubelt.

All 23 of them disembarked from the plane and were taken to the Kokopo Police Station where they were searched and questioned.

Police found out that three were soldiers of the PNG Defence Force.

Survivor reality show scouts describe Kokopo as ‘Perfect’

With its magnificent beaches, turquoise seas and a spectacular active volcano, Kokopo has already stolen the heart of the team.

Survivor is a part competition, part docu-drama, which continues to be the centrepiece of broadcasting schedules around the world and currently airing in more than 50 countries.

It is a much followed TV show among PNG households and will soon be a platform to market PNG to the world.

George Brown Day celebrated in Kimbe

The church was packed as United Church followers congregated from three church circuits in the region.

George Brown was a Methodist missionary born in England but migrated to New Zealand in 1855. In 1874-75, he travelled in Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and New Zealand, canvassing support. He then visited Fiji and Samoa for volunteer missionaries then later arrived in New Britain.

In 1878, New Britain locals allegedly murdered and ate a Fijian missionary and three teachers but this did not deter Brown from his mission.