Nauru remains COVID-19 free, ensures testing systems work well

Australian media reports that the State of Victoria has recorded over 400 new cases daily over a few days with increased deaths, marking them as deadliest days in Australia since the pandemic began.

The president says there are a number of Nauruans living in Victoria and they are remembered during this time.

Papua New Guinea also recorded 23 new coronavirus cases over the weekend, taking their total number of active cases to 51.

At home, the 43 new passengers that arrived on Friday 24 July are in quarantine at the Meneñ Hotel and Canstruct Village.

Nauru President urges people not to be complacent regarding COVID-19

Although Nauru remains coronavirus-free the president warns that the virus is not slowing down.

Nauru News reports the second wave of the virus globally and especially closer to Nauru – in Victoria, Australia is of concern.

The second Coronavirus Taskforce practice drill staged on Friday 17 July went well in that it identified gaps and areas needing improvement or changing to ensure the response is timely and it works – in the event of a quarantine breach.

Nauru remains COVID-19 free

The government continues to monitor global trends and measures taken by the medical community and other countries in how they manage their borders and in country.

In his weekly address, the President said the state of Victoria in Australia has had a spike in cases again prompting a return to border closures and some restrictions, while Fiji has reportedly reopened its borders for Kiribati, Tuvalu and Tonga.

Nauru residents under quarantine cleared to go home, no COVID-19

They were all cleared early this week and allowed to go home.

Samples were taken from each individual on Sunday and Monday and results were available within 24 hours.

Two machines are now working simultaneously to test samples on island which is a huge advantage for Nauru as it reduces time spent in quarantine. The reduced time in quarantine means the pressure on services such as security, police, health and food provider Canstruct who has provided free meals every day for every resident in quarantine, is alleviated.

Nauru remains coronavirus-free, 34 people in quarantine

From last week’s Brisbane flight 16 people are in quarantine at the Meneñ Hotel, including a fisheries observer who arrived by a fishing vessel and 18 at Canstruct (Anibare village).

On Saturday 2 May, the World Health Organisation recorded 3,356,205 confirmed cases and 238,730 deaths.

In Monday’s media briefing, President Aingimea said even though numbers are slowing down in neighbouring Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, there are still between 70,000 to 90,000 new cases every day globally.

Nauru remains diligent in efforts to stop COVID-19 from entering the country

While Nauru remains coronavirus-free, President Aingimea says we haven’t seen the end of it yet.”

As some countries are saying they are winning the fight against coronavirus, President Aingimea is cautious that Nauru continues to be diligent in its efforts to stopping coronavirus from entering Nauru and calls for prayers for countries affected by it.

One month since Nauru placed first international arrivals under quarantine

In a media briefing with the Government Information Office (GIO) Monday, President Lionel Aingimea advised that Nauru remains coronavirus-free.

Those currently held in quarantine at the Budapest hotel have another week to go of their 14 days, while those that have just arrived at the Menen Hotel on Friday 17 April, begin their 14 days quarantine.