Australia bush fires

Fijian soldiers deploy to fight bushfires in Australia

The 54 Republic of Fiji Military Force (RFMF) engineers were deployed over the weekend to assist New Zealand and local defence force personnel in Australia.

A total of 119 NZDF personnel, including health teams and a chaplain, have deployed.

Last week, a hundred Papua New Guinea defence force personnel from an engineering batallion deployed to Australia to assist in the crisis.

Other Pacific Island countries, including Vanuatu, have donated financial support to Australia for the bushfires campaign.

More than 20 people have died in the bushfires.


Australia fires: Angry residents berate PM Morrison in blaze-ravaged town

Locals said he had done very little to help Cobargo in New South Wales (NSW), where two people died earlier this week and many lost their homes.

The PM said he was "not surprised people are feeling very raw".

NSW's premier has declared a week-long state of emergency in response to the escalating bushfire threat.

Since September, bushfires have killed 18 people and destroyed more than 1,200 homes across NSW and neighbouring Victoria. At least 17 people remain missing after fires this week alone.

Why Australia's PM is facing climate anger amid bushfires

Since September, blazes in eastern Australia have killed six people, destroyed more than 700 homes and blanketed towns and cities in smoke.

As the crisis rolls on, many Australians have raised concerns about the impacts of climate change in exacerbating fires.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his opponents have faced a mounting backlash over their climate policies.

Mr Morrison called them a "national disaster" this week, but he has often been accused of downplaying the severity of the crisis.