Nauruan team wins big at World Powerlifting Championships

The Nauruan Powerlifting Team has just returned from a very successful trip to the 100% Raw World Powerlifting Championships in Virginia, USA.

Deamo Baguga, 32, works as a Nauru-Based Cargo Supervisor and has spent near 10 years with Nauru Airlines.

But his job isn’t the only thing he’s good at! From October 12-14, Deamo competed on the world stage at the World Powerlifting Champions as part of the Nauruan team.

Deamo has been powerlifting for about five years, and he loves it!

“A few months back in Nauru, I was elected and we had a trial back home and I qualified to be elected to represent,” Deamo says.

Nauru took a team of 12 over to Virginia, including the competitors, three coaches and a team manager.

In powerlifting, everyone does three lifts – back squat, bench press and deadlift.

“It was a good competition and exciting to compete there,” Deamo says.

He says before his lifts he felt nervous and excited. Deamo trained six days a week leading up to the event and wanted to make his lifts count.

And count they did – with Deamo breaking the Deadlift World Record TWICE for his weight class (83kg).

“The first time I broke it I deadlifted 312.5 kilograms, and the second time it was 320 kilograms,” Deamo says, adding that he squatted 270 kilos and benched 150!

Deamo was competing against 10 or 11 other people in his weight class, and to take out not only a world record, but also won two trophies and took out the belt for best in his weight class.

He says there were lots of celebrations after, and he was really proud to be competing alongside the Nauruan team.

“Most of us got medals for best lifts and that kind of thing,” Deamo says.

For now, it’s back to everyday life and training for future events.


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