Nauru Chiefs optimistic about remaining games

Nauru Chiefs are still holding out hope they can finish higher if they perform to their capabilities against France and Canada in the AFL International Cup in Melbourne.

"If you look at it, apart from PNG, New Zealand and Ireland the table is very even," Vice captain Kenneth Oppenheimersaid.

"We could be fourth, you know. South Africa is not looking too strong and Great Britain as well and we're looking at maybe fourth of fifth place if we're lucky".

Nauru failed to score in the opening quarter against PNG and Oppenheimer said they've performed well below expectations.

"We expected it to be pretty tough but not this tough," he said.

"Our team is struggling a bit to get used to the conditions here, the cold, and I don't know.

"It's something that's not clicking like we usually do and we're taking a bit of time (to get into matches) against New Zealand and also PNG - the second half we're just getting into it so it's not good enough."

Nauru are eighth of ten teams after two rounds but sense a prime opportunity to chalk up their first win against fellow strugglers France on Friday.

"We're all looking forward to this one - a lot of our fans have travelled all the way from Nauru and we want to get them a win," reasoned Oppenheimer.

"And especially the boys - a lot of us we're starting to feel a bit down and I think this will cheer us up a bit and get our heads back into winning".

Nauru finished seventh at the last International Cup in 2014.


Photo AFL Nauru 

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