Ubenide results unchanged after recount

The results for the Ubenide Constituency remain the same following a recount of ballot papers Monday afternoon.

The recount was ordered by the Electoral Commissioner after six ballots papers were found in the parliamentary chamber earlier in the morning.

The four candidates elected by voters in Ubenide constituency are David Adeang, Reagan Alikalik, Wawani Dowiyogo and Russ Kun.

The results are as follows:

  • Adeang, David Ranibok Waiau 697.375 Elected
  • Alikalik, Reagan Winson 526.653 Elected
  • Alikalik, Kay 254.322
  • Dongobir, Darned 218.092
  • Dowiyogo, Wawani Joe-Grant 505.057 Elected
  • Amwano, Aloysius Iyomago 236.864 
  • Adeang, Vyko 333.800 
  • Kun, Russ 593.806 Elected
  • Hartman, Gabrissa Shirani 425.796 
  • Akua, Ranin 464.160 
  • Kun, Maximillian 233.437
  • Agege, Renos Renige 227.517

The 19 new Members of Parliament will meet today (Tuesday) to elect a new President and Speaker.

Nauru held its election last Saturday.


Photo Nauru Government Twitter. Caption: Counting of results at the parliamentary chambers on Saturday night