President Waqa reaffirms Nauru’s commitment to Israel on official visit

President Baron Waqa met with Israeli President Reuven Rivkin in Jerusalem and reaffirmed Nauru’s support during his first official visit to Israel this week, 10 June.

The welcome is one of genuine friendship as Nauru stands strong in its support for Israel in international fora especially in Israel’s bid for a seat on the UN Security Council. President Waqa said Nauru will work to encourage neighbouring friends of the pacific islands to support Israel.
President Waqa noted the long travel to Israel but one that is important to demonstrate Nauru’s solidarity to Israel and its people.
Israeli President Rivkin said Nauru is a true friend and thanked President Waqa for Nauru’s firm and dedicated friendship.
Nauru receives Israel’s assistance in the field of medicine and water technology notably in water purification.
“In the middle of the oceans, is the island of Nauru, a small community, a Christian community, who very much believe in Israel.
“We support Israel and we will continue to support Israel. As long as we protect our existence, in a time when climate change is effecting the whole world, I know that with God’s help our friendship will continue to prosper even under such circumstances,” President Waqa said.
President Waqa also met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Travelling with the President are Madam Louisa Waqa, Minister Charmaine Scotty, Hon Milton Dube and Mrs Dube, Secretary for Foreign Affairs & Trade Michael Aroi, Chief of Staff Peter Jacob, ADC David Canon, Nauru’s Ambassador to the UN Marlene Moses, and First Secretary Rennier Gadabu.
The delegation travelled to Israel from New York following the UN Oceans Conference.